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Original Characters, Powered Up


Character descriptions for the upcoming Power Rangers film have been making their rounds on the internet! Jason – 17 years old, the makings of someone or something great if he would just get out of his own way. Jason was a … Continued


Power Rangers SUPERCHARGED for 2016!


On June 8, 2015, Saban Brands released plans for the 2016 season of Power Rangers: Power Rangers Dino Super Charge. This installment continues the story from Power Rangers Dino Charge and continues to borrow designs from the Super Sentai series Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Dino Super … Continued


Playfully Mature Power Rangers Films


Earlier this week, Max Nicholson of IGN spoke with director Dean Israelite about the upcoming Power Rangers film from Lionsgate. Given the film’s still-distant release date (not to mention the fact that it is still in pre-production phases), Israelite was … Continued

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O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools

obakachantachi=fools Episode #0048 - Colton went to a convention recently, so that means it’s time for an entirely unrelated episode! Anthony returns for the fourth episode in a row to talk about the new Sentai title as well as joining Colton in a discussion … Continued

Toku Strike


Shinobi Change!

nin Episode #042 - Welcome to Toku strike! A podcast about Tokusatsu and general geekery! On this show: The news,Which is primarily composed of Kamen Rider Drive and some Garo, then onto the topic of the show Shuriken Sentai Ninninger! And here are the … Continued