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Big Screen Power Director


The upcoming 2016 theatrical Power Rangers film has a director! Lionsgate has hired Dean Israelite to direct the big-screen take on the popular Power Rangers franchise. Israelite has previously directed Project Almanac (which hit theaters earlier this year) and several short films. Ashley Miller … Continued

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Indie Go Go Power Rangers!

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In the wake of Power/Rangers, Michael Copon has launched an Indiegogo campaign for what is alternately called The Independent Power Rangers Movie and The Independent Movie (with Power Rangers in It). Check out the video!

This one is much the same as before.

Powered Up License Partners

This one is much the same as before.

Power Rangers Dino Charge premiered on February 7, 2015 as the 22nd installment of the vastly popular Power Rangers franchise. This season sees the return of Judd Lynn to the producer role, and with it a slew of new licensing … Continued

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O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools

obakachantachi=fools Episode #0048 - Colton went to a convention recently, so that means it’s time for an entirely unrelated episode! Anthony returns for the fourth episode in a row to talk about the new Sentai title as well as joining Colton in a discussion … Continued

Toku Strike


Shinobi Change!

nin Episode #042 - Welcome to Toku strike! A podcast about Tokusatsu and general geekery! On this show: The news,Which is primarily composed of Kamen Rider Drive and some Garo, then onto the topic of the show Shuriken Sentai Ninninger! And here are the … Continued