Sentai Rangers launched on August 11, 2012 as a progression of our flagship podcast Podcast Sentai Power Rangers which had launched in April of 2011.

Our mission is to report on Tokusatsu news and community with the most accuracy and cited documentation that we can. We do this using our (admittedly sparse) news coverage, our guides (in development), and our collection of podcasts.


Kuhan (Naaim Siddiqi)

Editor-in-Chief / Co-Founder / Podcast Host

Naaim has watched Power Rangers for as long as he can remember, or at least since moving to America in 1995. He followed the show on and off following in Space. His first exposure to the Sentai was with Mahou Sentai Magiranger in 2006, as he was disappointed with the corresponding Power Rangers series, Mystic Force. When he heard of Power Rangers’ cancellation by Disney in 2009, he got to work plotting his own fan series utilizing a combination of original footage and Sentai footage as Power Rangers did and still does. Fortunately, however, Saban reacquired the rights to the show in 2011 and released Power Rangers Samurai.

Instead, he started Podcast Sentai Power Rangers, a weekly look at Power Rangers as well as the Sentai that inspired it, as he’d not found a Power Rangers podcast that he liked in his search for one. A little over a year into Podcast Sentai Power Rangers’ run, Naaim grew discontented with the way Toku news was covered as a whole and decided to start Sentai Rangers as a new, more journalistic approach to Toku news as well as a location for Toku history and guides.

Naaim lives in Chicago, Illinois and currently attends Northeastern Illinois University. The name “Kuhan” comes from his love of Dragonball Z, as it was a fanmade fusion of Goku and Gohan on the fansite “DBZ Saiyan Chronicles.” It was once “SSJKuhan” (for Super Saiya-jin Kuhan) but was eventually shortened to “Kuhan” and sometimes lengthened to “KuhanLuke” (a Cool Hand Luke reference) or “KuhanSolo” (after Han Solo from Star Wars) when “Kuhan” is taken.

Naaim is the host of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers.

ProfessorWhat (Jose “Joe” Cuevas)

Managing Editor / Podcast Cohost

Joe has watched tokusatsu since before he was cognizant; he saw Bioman at some point as a small child, because that was dubbed and aired in the Philippines, which naturally makes him a lifelong fan. After coming to America in 1996, he got into the American iteration of the show, watching re-runs of MMPR, Zeo, and Turbo, somehow skipping in Space before getting really into Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. He followed the series very closely until Power Rangers Mystic Force started, when he was deterred by his fear of capes (that year he instead watched Power Rangers SPD multiple times). When Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger started airing, he hopped onboard the pirate ship and has since watched a lot of Super Sentai. His favorite Sentai is Kamen Rider OOO.

He wanted a place to discuss Sentai on the internet without resorting to using RangerBoard, so instead he started listening to Podcast Sentai Power Rangers around the time they were covering the swapped mech arms and tweeting into the show. He was hired to write episode descriptions which will supposedly come to fruition, eventually joining the main show as a co-host and becoming Managing Editor of, and a collaborator on several other podcasts on

Joe is a recovering teaboo, having watched Doctor Who and Top Gear from the age of 11. Take a wild guess where ProfessorWhat comes from. He will typically use another question word, like “where,” or shorten the handle to profwut if the base form is taken. In his spare time, he avenges, does advanced analysis on prehistoric fish guts, and practices archery. He resides in San Diego and currently attends the University of San Diego, while concurrently researching at UC San Diego. Yeah, we don’t get it either.

Jose is a cohost on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers.

Mewzard (Colton Clayton)

Researcher / Co-Founder / Podcast Host

Colton was a long time Power Rangers fan, since the show premiered on TV when he was but a child. He followed it for many years, but like most kids, eventually moved on to other things. He would occasionally check out a new season if he found out about it, but for the most part, it became a distant part of his childhood, like wrestling. But, the nerdy boy became a nerdy man, and he couldn’t keep away forever. Lewis Lovhaug’s History of Power Rangers series reminded him of some good memories of cheesy heroes that he enjoyed. Unfortunately, the show seemed to be over, and unlikely to continue, so memories were all Colton had. However, that would change with Saban’s reclaiming of Power Rangers.

Naaim, a long time friend of Colton’s from podcasting past would tell him of Power Rangers Samurai, and suggest a podcast. Colton agreed, but also found it interesting that the Japanese equivalent, Super Sentai, was also airing at around the same time. Colton suggested they watch both, and Naaim considered it, wanting to see it first before they decided. The Legend War of Gokaiger changed the fate of this future podcast forever. As would an opening guest that inspired Colton to go back to Power Rangers in the first place.  With Lewis on board for their first episode, and a meaty amount of material to cover, Colton found himself a new way to express his love of spandexed heroes, and would enjoy many years of discussing them (with some series more enjoyed than others). To this day, Colton still watches Power Rangers and Super Sentai, just wishing for a bit more podcasting to express that entertainment.

Colton was a long time Pokémon fan, since watching the anime and getting the games with Red, Blue, and Yellow one Christmas. When an internet label was needed, Mew and Charizard were combined to make Mewzard, a name Colton has held for more than half his life. He lives in Oklahoma.

Colton is a cohost on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers.

GekiKnight (Anthony Vega)

Translator / Occasional Cohost

Anthony Vega is the only member of the Sentai Rangers crew who can read and write Japanese. He is vegaactive in the Fansub community, having worked on projects with Hikari-Senshi (including Gekiranger) and being a project manager for Imagination Station (Abaranger). He also maintains the Fansub Guides on the site.

Vega resides in New York. He’s going to be a doctor or something.

Vega is an occasional cohost on Podcast Sentai Power Rangers .

Grimmhelm (Anthony Bishop)bishop

Researcher / Podcast Host

Bishop currently resides in the United Kingdom. He is the host of Toku-Strike and occasional editor of Podcast Sentai Power Rangers.

Marvelous Iggy (Ben Castruita)


Ben is a long-time Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fan and reviews the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Comic Book for the site. He currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Nejireon (Bailey)


Not much is known about Bailey. He invited Colton to his birthday party, so they probably live in the same state or something.