[UPDATE] [RUMOR] New Networks for New Powers


Original Post: October 28th, 2015

Earlier today, a mysterious tweet from @Rickman0804 seemed to indicate that Saban Brands was looking for a new television network to distribute Power Rangers.

The rumor is currently unsubstantiated by any direct statement from Saban Brands. However, the contract with Nickelodeon can be reasonably expected to expire around the time that Power Rangers Dino Charge wraps up its second season. Given this information, it is possible that Saban Brands may be seeking an alternative distributor which will allow a slightly different release schedule for the show.

h/t @Rickman0804

UPDATE: October 30, 2015

Further rumors have begun to circulate regarding the distribution of future seasons of Power Rangers. According to, the 24th season of the series will be distributed through Netflix and is set to be titled Power Rangers Shuriken, adapting footage originally used in Shuriken Sentai Ninninger. Collider does not name its source, and we maintain that this news is a rumor until further information surfaces.


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