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Unused concept art for the upcoming Lionsgate Power Rangers film has surfaced. Alex Ruiz and Gregory Semkow completed this concept art for a director who was ultimately not hired for the project.

Ruiz stated “This is some concept art I made for a director who was pitching his film version of Power Rangers. If you guys remember someone made an amazing PR fan film this year, which lit the fire under many asses to get a full on Hollywood film made. So, many a director jumped at the opportunity. Unfortunately our guy didn’t get it, it went to another director. Such is the nature of the film business. The director had a very cool idea of wanting to see the Rangers through a transparent visor, instead of the traditional head.”

ruiz2 ruiz1

Gregory Semkow also completed art for the project.

semkow2semkow1semkow6semkow5 semkow3 semkow4

Unfortunately, as the director was ultimately not hired onto the project, this art will likely not be reflective of the final product.

The Power Rangers movie stars Becky G (Yellow Ranger), RJ Cyler (Blue Ranger), Naomi Scott (Pink Ranger), Dacre Montgomery (Red Ranger), and Ludi Lin (Black Ranger). The Power Rangers film is due to hit theaters on March 24, 2017. Dean Israelite serves as the film’s director, with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz serving as writers, and Saban Brands’ Haim Saban and Brian Casentini, and Lionsgate’s Alison Shearmur serve as executive producers.


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