Mobile Morphin’


Lionsgate Pictures and Saban Brands are adding a new partnership to the promotional mix for the upcoming Power Rangers film. San Francisco-based developers nWay are joining forces with Lionsgate and Saban to bring the multiplayer action based around the film to your phone.

Lionsgate’s President of Interactive Ventures & Games, Peter Levin stated “This alliance underscores our strategy of combining a world-class brand with a Triple-A game developer to create an exciting, high quality game with enormous upside. With nWay’s ability to achieve console level play on mobile devices, the Power Rangers game will appeal to a broad spectrum of core gamers and Power Rangers fans alike.”

The Power Rangers film is due to hit theaters on March 24, 2017. Dean Israelite serves as the film’s director, with Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz serving as writers, and Saban Brands’ Haim Saban and Brian Casentini, and Lionsgate’s Alison Shearmur serve as executive producers. The film stars Becky G (Trini/Yellow Ranger), RJ Cyler (Billy/Blue Ranger), Naomi Scott (Kimberly/Pink Ranger), Dacre Montgomery(Jason/Red Ranger), and Ludi Lin (Zack/Black Ranger), with Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa).

Source: Variety

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