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Episode #0048 - O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools

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Colton went to a convention recently, so that means it’s time for an entirely unrelated episode! Anthony returns for the fourth episode in a row to talk about the new Sentai title as well as joining Colton in a discussion about translation vs. non-translation, including discussion about honorifics, name puns, and mech names.

One Response to “O baka-chan-tachi Means Fools”

  1. Aviad

    A few random thoughts I had when listening:

    One pun used in Magiranger is that if we take the first syllable of each of the main 5 Magiranger names, we get the Japanese word for wizard. MAkito, HOuka, Urara, TSUbasa, KAI, MA HO U TS KAI. Mahoustkai.

    Next, for subber notes, I kind of remember that in a late episode of TV-Nihon’s subbing of Shinkenger, when we learn about Takeru (red) not being the real head of the Shiba clan, he was referred to as a “Kagemusha.” Well there was a subber note there saying to watch an old Japanese movie to understand what it means. That being said, I am fine with subber notes when they are done right. As someone who does not speak or understand Japanese (except for a mixed word here and there), the joke y’all discussed about Kuroki and “I will paint you as dark as your name” might benefit from a simple sub note (“Kuro = black”) whole keeping the character’s name written as Kuroki. This assumes that there is no way to make an equivalent pun a-la Nobuharu/Nossan.

    I don’t know how I feel about the mech name translations, but I lean towards keeping the names as opposed to translating. Oh is used very frequently to the point where it can be understood as being a sort of generic mecha title. So in ToQGer, I would prefer the subs to be “Cho Cho ToQ Dai Oh” instead of “Super Duper ToQ Dai Oh” (and the fact they had to make that “choo choo” pun is another reason I don’t particularly like ToQGer, but that is another discussion). In cases like Gosei Great in Goseiger or Gao King in Gaoranger, we can keep them because it is still recognizable.

    When will we get your in-depth discussion about Kyoryuger (and now ToQGer, now that it is ending). Where is the discussion on (Super) Megaforce? (note I listen to these in a slightly mixed order so I might have skipped one of these). Do you need others to do that with/for you?

    Still, I enjoyed this episode and eagerly await the next.


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