RX 069
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Episode #069 - The Fruit Shogun Rises

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RX 069

Subject: Kamen Rider Gaim 31-33

Hosts: Aleph, The Imposter, MC Pez, Mewzard

Is this last leg of Gaim a riff on Nolan’s third Bat-Flick? It could be. Mewzard stalwartly defends the show while the rest lob some sharp blows and sum up that they’ll continue watching even if it is to see the show fall on its face.

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4 Responses to “The Fruit Shogun Rises”

  1. Savoir of Hope

    I really don’t know what you guys were talking about for episode 31 where the middle stops making sense. Other than saying “it wasn’t good” you didn’t explain anything.

    • KamenRiderPEZ

      Well go back over it on our next recording, but the motives and changes just happened.

      If you want to raise anything for us to respind to specifically email it or drop it here and I’ll include it in our notes.

  2. kamen rider Dragon

    If Sid had so much autonomy he wouldn’t of had to go behind Takatora’s back so much. He so much as said that with Takatora gone he was free to leave.

    And what exactly was Takatora supposed to do in that scene? Sometimes you guys just nitpick to hell. He also clearly kind effected by it.

    • KamenRiderPEZ

      dude has been hired for a job. Complaining about not being able to do things your boss doesn’t want and not being able to openly move forward with your evil ambitions is not an admirable character trait or a thing about which to be sad.

      Takatora may have been suffering from the swiftness and unexpected nature of the even, but it is fiction. As we said he could have had a modicum more of reaction and that would have been better.


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