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Episode #070 - Fight With Us

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Subject: Kamen Rider Gaim 34-35

Hosts: Aleph, The Imposter, MC Pez and Nejireon

More attacks on the potential Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises rips are lobbed this episode. We wonder just how can this show keep going with likely 11 more episodes on the way and we answer some listener questions.

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OH! Here is the promised Gotham and Zawame map comparrison!


4 Responses to “Fight With Us”

  1. Gokai Gold

    Roshuo even said that he didn’t know how to give it to his wife.

    And the theme of growing up is still there, you guys just chose to ignore it.

    I don’t care if yo guys hate the show but the arguments aren’t very strong against it. Like I understand what you mean with the comparison to Build Fighters but the connection is there with the characters. You have a bunch of them who were doing nothing but playing and now have come together to protect their city. Everything is “this doesn’t make sense” Just constant bashing with barely any reason. You talk about how the show rips off other things and then multiple times complain it’s not like something else.

  2. fancyfloss

    Have any of the British members of your group watched Orphan Black? (it’s SO GOOD!)

    I feel that execution-wise, this is what Gaim should have been.

  3. Justin Brett

    I figure with Redyue or however you spell her name, that she was always meant to be female, but Uro wanted to use that voice actor for her for whatever reason. I’d say her design’s reasonably androgynous too, so I don’t think it was a last second decision if anything.


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